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    When faced with immediate and urgent requirement to hire a large number of people, business enterprises look towards Recruitment Agencies and Placement Services for employers in India. Your company might be about to get a large order to process within a short span of time and you think you need to scale up your workforce by 25%, 50% or by its double. Any bulk requirement for a specific kind of talent needs extensive outreach among the job-seekers in that area and an ensuing tedious process of shortlisting, screening and selection. This can only be accomplished by extremely resourceful, reliable, experienced and well-equipped recruitment agencies and placement services. Let’s take a look at the parameters that help identify some of them such as Gretis India.

    Industry-Specific Expertise:

    Recruitment Agencies and Placement Services for employers seeking specialized work force or skilled individuals always have a large number of profiles shortlisted for industry-specific expertise. They categorize resumes and profiles for various roles in a wide variety of industries and functions such as IT, Manufacturing, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Customer Care, Banking and Finance, Insurance or Education.

    Wider Reach:

    The Recruitment Agencies and Placement Services you would like to hire as the employers must have access to a large number of job-seekers for each job role you are looking out for. It is only when they begin the screening process with a large number of profiles that they would end up finding the bunch of talented people that fit the bill in all the criteria such as knowledge, skills, experience, attitude, and expected salaries. The recruitment agency you can rely on will not just depend on web search for people. They should be capable of going on full throttle to possibly gather all the talent available in the country for your need.

    Prudent Screening Process:

    The screening process followed at the Recruitment Agencies and Placement Services for employers must match your expectations and a certain quality benchmark. It should test each candidate’s employability on parameters such as knowledge, skills and attitude. The interview questions, written tests or evaluation criteria must check the candidate’s match with the job description created by the employer.

    Good Employee Retention Rate:

    It is important to have an idea on how many of the candidates hired by Recruitment Agencies and Placement Services for employers will stay for a minimum duration such as a year or two. High employee attrition results in high cost of recruitment, which can affect the employer’s profitability. So, it is pertinent to have a good employee retention rate.

    Follow-up Action:

    Try to find out which one of the Recruitment Agencies and Placement Services for employers are willing to spend time with you in checking the status of those hired during each round of hiring. The numbers must come out telling how many joined from among those screened, shortlisted and selected. Also, how long did they stay and were really performing up to some agreeable level. The recruitment agencies must also be ready to step in if a candidate wants to leave abruptly right after hiring or during the induction process itself.

    Quality Assurance:

    The best Recruitment Agencies and Placement Services for employers must always be in a position to claim that they will adhere to the recruiting processes and techniques promised by them at the initiation stage of hiring contract. They should be ethical and promise only what they can deliver or deliver all that they promise.

    Gretis India is a recruitment agency and placement services partner for employer organizations in Chandigarh and NCR region in India. At Gretis, we aspire to be all that we have listed down as the criteria that will make us one among the best recruitment agencies and placement services in India.